Man-ing up and meeting experts ..

Posted on: 05 Feb 2012

Well, it's been a funny old week.

After a couple of good-ish (albiet a bit chilly) runs, I had a real run of 2 halves on Friday. I wasn't feeling it at all to begin with and the first couple of kms were a struggle. I kept having to stop and walk for no real reason. So I had a word with myself, reminded myself that in 11 weeks I would have to run 26 miles and I had just had to MAN UP and get on with it.

So I did. I ran the rest in a much better frame of mind, all in one go, and felt much better for it by the time I got home. Must remember that so much of it is in my head.

The only time I could fit in a long run this weekend was Saturday night -fun! Well, it started snowing about 5pm and by the time I was due to go out it was coming down thick and fast. I decided I would go to the gym instead so off I went, slipping and sliding in the car - only to be turned away at the door because they were closing early! So I went back home to my sofa instead!!

I went to the Meet the Experts session in London today and really enjoyed it. Although I am slightly worried that the people in charge of the Marathon seem to all be mad as a box a frogs, haha!! I feel much more confident that I can do it now though, so thanks to the VLM team!

Here we go then, 11 weeks to go, eeeekkkk! Bring. It. On.

Happy running folks :-)


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