I can defy gravity ;-)

Posted on: 24 Feb 2012

The gravitational pull from my sofa was huge tonight, but I overcame it and went out for a run ... go me!

I have had a busy week and my 2 year old s a bit poorly at the moment so I was up A LOT last night, and was pooped by this evening. But as always, I was pleased once I got out there and am feeling ok at the moment. I am hoping for a little more sleep tonight!

I bought a new pair of trainers this week - the same as my other pair, just a newer version! I wore them for the first time tonight and can tell the difference with the extra support - I didn't think my other ones had changed until I had something to compare them to! I will wear the new ones for some of my runs and then on race day itself. Weird to be thinking about race day in such detail, eek.

Rest day tomorrow, 14 miles planned for Sunday  ...

Happy running folks,


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