First run for a week

Posted on: 11 Mar 2012

And what do I do? Fall over!! I'm not even sure how or why, I just hit the deck on a gravelly path. Splat. Ouch.

I carried on for a few more miles with a grazed/bumped knee and some skin missing from both palms, but have to admit to cutting my run short.

I hadn't planned to do a full 'long' run anyway as have been feeling really ill and haven't run for a week, so wanted to get back in to it gently. hmm. That wasn't quite what I had in mind!

I am starting to freak out a little if I'm honest. There isn't long to go now and although I've been training, I don't feel at all prepared. Just gotta hope my next 3 long runs are successful because it's time to start tapering after that. Yikes! Getting so close.

I hope those of you who ran Silverstone today had a good run - nice day for it.

Happy running all,


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