I'm still here :-) but have lost it a bit :-(

Posted on: 20 May 2012

Lost what? The plot? My rhythm? My mind? My fitness? My running mojo?

Well, in truth, all of the above a little bit!!  I have been struggling to get back into it a bit since doing VLM and have felt a bit flat.

I decided to have a proper break after the marathon to give my body a chance to fight off the cough that I'd had for weeks - I'm not sure doing a 26.2 mile run is the current medical advice for getting over a persistant chest infection ;-)

But since then I've found all running hard. I have been for a few short runs but had to stop and walk far more I would like. It's hard to believe I did a marathon only a few weeks ago, I can hardly get round the block now. What's that about??!!

What I need to do is get out more often, I have been putting it off - you know the story, too rainy, husband away, kids poorly, any old excuse! I also need to sign up for another event and get my next training plan up on the kitchen wall - if I don't have something to aim for I tend to turn a bit lazy.

I am thinking of just going for a 10km and trying to up my speed a bit, rather than doing more endurance stuff for now. I haven't entered anything yet though.

But enough about me - how are you all getting on post-VLM?? I miss my RB buddies a bit!

Happy running,


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