Trainer dilemma already, boo.

Posted on: 04 Oct 2011

Ok, so I did the right thing and had my gait and running style analysed at SweatShop and paid good money for decent trainers with the correct support for the first time ever! Once I had run about 10 mins in them they were soooo uncomfortable I had to turn back. I went back to SS and they swapped them for a new pair as they promise to do.

I have done my first few training runs in my trusty old Decathlon own brand trainers, but tried my new, new pair today. They were ok, but not that comfy. They made my toes feel really odd after a few km, almost like they were going to go numb eventually. Never had this before. Boooo. Not sure whether to persevere - do your feet get used to new trainers? - or to go back to SS again? They are going to love me, haha!!

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