Only 2 proper long runs left now, wow!!

Posted on: 17 Mar 2012

I did 16.5 miles today. Blimey. It was hard, but I did it - just about!

The good ...

1. I had been getting a few twinges in my right knee, so after a few false starts with knee supports this week, I went out today with an adhesive bandage round my knee. Job done, yey! It was comfortable to run in and no twinges today. Thank you to the nice lady in Decathlon who suggested it!

2. I found a new footpath today which was quite fun. I winged it a bit as didn't know where it went, but it went the right way fortunately. Just me, the fields and some bunnies hopping along - not another person in sight, it was lovely!

3. I gambled with the weather as it was raining, and got away with it. I rained a bit at the start but was dry after that. Phew. Note to self - check weather forecast before planning in long run!!

The less good ...

1. I went out later than planned today so messed up my nutrition/hydration a bit. I didn't take enough gels/water me with me either. Rookie mistake and I paid for it.

2. I couldn't find lucozade gels so tried the MaxiFuel ones - they were possibly the most digusting thing I think I have ever tasted, yuuukkkk!! They made me pull a face every time I took some. I will not be getting them again.

3. I walked for a minute up a hill at about half way, and then struggled to get my flow back. I ended up walking a few more times which was annoying. Had a little spurt of energy in the last mile or so though!

Overall ...

Well, I did it so that's good! I feel quite achey now but will hopefully be ok tomorrow. My 2 year old followed me out of the kitched earlier and she said "Mummy, why are you walking like that?" - hahaha!!!

Happy long-running folks, we're nearly there!


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