Erm, where has December gone?!

Posted on: 31 Dec 2011

It has been a bit of a mixed month and not a great running month, but hey ho. A combination of having a horrible cough that wouldn't shift, being away, going out (well, it was Christmas!) and having people over has meant that I have only been running about twice a week. Oops. And I have done very few long runs. Double oops.

But, I have re-jigged my training plan and a shiny new print out is up on my kitchen wall ready to start with a vengeance on 2nd Jan. 16 weeks and counting. Yikes. Quite scary but I am looking forward to getting stuck in now.

I am currently enjoying several glasses of wine before pretty much giving it up for the next 4 months - I reckon that's going to be a harder challenge than the running, haha! I do like (err, need?) a glass or two to relax once my little girls are in bed. Ah well, all for a good cause ...

Happy running folks, and more importantly, Happy New Year! See you in London in April :-)


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