its taper time

Posted on: 07 Apr 2011

So I am supposed to do this thing called a taper in the lead up to the London Marathon.  However this does not mean to stop running altogther. 

So what to do, (having just run Taunton Marathon on Sunday).  Well the lucozade training plan talks about short interval sprinty type sessions.  However ever the the one to ignore expert advice I made up my own training routine after work.  A 10k session comprising of 9 min/mile (marathon) pace for first mile, then 8 min 50 sec mile for next mile etc, decreasing by 10 secs (or more if I had been too fast), until the 10k was done.  My idea for doing this is it is practice for the last 6 miles of the marathon.  I might do a longer version of this session after London, when training for another marathon or half marathon.

I watched last years marathon on the telly when I got back home, for tips. I unearthed 2 points: what the lucozade drinks and gel stands look like; and that certain sections are hazardous as the roads have speed bumps - try not to trip up!

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