Taunton Marathon 3 April

Posted on: 03 Apr 2011

Sorry it has been ages since I last wrote a blog, have been too busy!  In fact work and man cold had made my training go rather awry last month.  The experts said that last weekend that I should be banking my last long run.  However I havent done a long run for the past month.  I tried to do one on Tuesday but could only manage 11 miles - feeling too tired, probably due to another man cold lurking in the background.


So against the experts advice, I did the Taunton Marathon today, as training for London in 2 weeks time.  I was very apprehensive and had been feeling tired all week.


This time since my last marathon some 14 years ago, I had technology and accumulated advice to guide me.  I decided to try the advice of sticking to my target pace and not go any quicker until the end, something that I hadnt believed would work.  So with the help of my technology of GPS watch, lucozade tablets every 15 mins, isotonic drinks bottle, I was very much suprised at the result.

I found myself thinking I am relaxed for the first half of the race.  Then I gave the half marathon runners a cheery goodbye as they approached their finish line and I started the second lap.


This second lap was harder as the roads had been opened up to traffic, the supporters had vanished home, and I had to concentrate harder to make sure that I was following the correct route.  I stuck to my 9 min mile pace.  The last 8 or so miles became progressively harder due to a sucession of hills, and pouring rain in the last 3, but I was determined to keep to the pace.  My pace slipped in the last few miles, but I kept running (thinking to stop in the rain would make me freeze to death).


I came home in 3 hrs 48 mins - very pleasing as my aim was to do under 4 hrs!


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