Posted on: 26 Feb 2011

25/2 I took the day off work to fit in my long run.  Target today 3hr 40 mins.   I took a more undulating route this time, not the flat canal 22 mile run that I did last week. 


My major problem has been that I have been suffering from nipple bleeding.  I have tried putting plasters over them but last week they fell off.  This time armed with guidance from the website that I should put on plasters that just cover the nipple, as they are more likely to fall off when stuck to the chest hair.  I wore my red nylon top just in case though.

The weather was cool with prolonged periods of misty rain.  I put in some pyramid style training - 10 steps after 10 mins, 20 after 20 etc, and tried to do these on any slopes that I could find. 

After 3 hours I had made it back to the car.  Unfortunately the plasters had gone AWOL again and nipples were very sore.  I  now have the deepest of sympathy for breastfeeding mummies!

I had a toilet stop, put on some new plasters, filled out my isotonic drink bottle again, and picked up headphones, for the last leg of 40 mins which would be along the canal.  I have not tried running with headphones, the music playing from my £30 mobile phone.  I did find it pretty distracting.  Added to that  another deluge of misty rain pouring down my face into my eyes and closing them up, muddy slippery track, I hit the wall and blew out big time!  After 3 goes of run walk I made it to the end of the session.

Thoughts for the running. 

Should I be drinking more.  Currently I am taking one sip of lucozade every 10 mins.  The magazines tell me that I should be taking 200 ml every 15 mins.  This seems rather a lot and am worried that I will be desperate for the loo.  However judging from me downing the bottle when I stopped maybe I should be.  Will try 1 sip every 5 mins next time and see how it goes!

Rain getting in eyes - think I need a baseball cap for such eventualities.  Will look on amazon and see what is there.

Sore nipples - dare I get 'nipguards' - feel a bit silly in doing so.

Music - probably wont bother anymore as it completely destroys my concentration.

Hitting the wall.  The advice is that it is because I have run out glycogen.  Will experiment with lucozade energy tablets and maybe jelly beans.  Popping one in my gob every 10 mins or so.

Will also run a measured route next time so that I know what I am doing.  Cant afford one of those £400 garmin watches, although will look on amazon in a minute to see if there are any cheaper alternatives.










26/2 Trying to register charities to fundraise for the marathon using the virginmoney giving website.  A bit shocked to learn that charties have to pay virgin 2% of all donations, so may have to resort to pen and paper for local hospice charitry.


Tried to set up webpage using Virgin site, but it crashed completely half way through, and said come back later , garrrrgh!

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