found this blog site again!

Posted on: 08 Feb 2015

Hey I found this blog site for the first time after four years!!  I was looking for it today because.... I have an entry to the 2015 London Marathon!


I have been trying to gather my data together to see where I was in my training this time 4 years ago by trying to find my old dusty spreadsheets, garmin watch and garmin watch data.  I had forgotten that I had written a few blogging posts as well - all useful data although perhaps not as complete as I would have liked it to be.


So my issue for this marathon is the fact that I only started training for it since the beginning of this year, compared to having at least a year of preparation last time.  My works athletics club has given me the place this time, so I guess they are expecting a fairly decent time out of me.  I would ideally like to run it at 9 min mile pace to garner a sub 4 hour time.


But not much time to prepare!  I spent January on the treadmill getting my legs to speed up from 10 min to 9 min miles, and am gradually increasing pace with a target of 8 min mile - to give myself a min buffer.  I am currently at 8.5 ish.


My achiles heal is my back - twice I have dropped out before the day due to spraining it.  I bought this book by dorling kindersley about core strength exercising and have learnt the delights of 'planking'.


I have also started doing some yoga, courtesy of youtube video uploader Adrienne.  I will post a link when I get around to it.

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