Moving On

Posted on: 02 Jun 2007

So, given the fact my run was funny I have done som work on my gait & think I have cracked it.

I did the Race for Life today. I only booked it 10 days ago - haven't managed to raise any sponsorship money because I have only just done the GMR, so will put a contribution in myself. My sister exceeded her target so I am sure it wont be the end of the world.

I ran in Heaton Park, Manchester. I guess I didn't expect the hills, I don't know why! There were plenty of them - ok its not fell running but it was tough. The first K took me 7 minutes & I was settling into not hitting my 5k target when a miracle happened. My next K was 6 minutes, and the one after. I settled in & didn't look again at the splits. 

But lo - in at 31 minutes, meaning I must have kept a steady 6 minute pace to the end (ok, I ran faster at the finish, and had a sneaky walk just before 4k for 45 seconds) which is a real first for me.

And 31 minutes is my fastest 5k ever - accepting I normally run on flat with shallow slopes. So I couln't be happier or more excited.

PLus my shoes are sorted and I don't look like a demented camel anymore. It really is addictive & I feel great. Next stop Cancer Research 10k on 23rd September!

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