Posted on: 24 Apr 2007

Hi - my name is Sara & I am a couch potato. Well, I was until this year when I  decided to get fitter, and actually started to do something about it.

There's no excuse for me, I really should know better. I was fit at school doing best at cross country & long distance running, but then life kind of catches up with you. Before I knew it I was in my late 20's with the start of a fine beer gut wondering what happened!

I have a strong family history of diabetes and decided this year I needed to do something about my increasing BMI (only up to 27, but high enough). I should know better - I work as a Renal Doctor in a Manchester Hospital, but it goes to show that all of us turn a blind eye when it comes to ourselves.

On a daily basis I see how hard it is for patients to live with kidney disease - especially those on dialysis. There are positives too - its truly a privilege to be involved in seeing someone through their transplant surgery and helping them to resume as near to a normal life as possible - whatever that is. Kidney disease is not famous, its not sexy & it doens't always get the research funding I believe it needs.

Rates of kidney disease are increasing and the life expectancy of a young person on dialysis (without a transplant) is similar to an 80 year old not on dialysis. I would like to see us improve that - a lot.

So, I am doing the Manchester 10k and raising funds for National Kidney Research. I have set a brave target of £400.

I may have to crawl round, but if I do it'll be one of the most spirited crawls ever seen! And the BMI is down to 25!


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