Schedule slipping...then back on track!

Posted on: 30 Mar 2008

Well, the last couple of weeks have been very frustrating (since wrote in early March).    Was doing quite well with training then .....back problems kicked in and ground almost to a halt.

Week beginning 10 March - Managed a few short runs through the week and did 8 miles for Sport Relief (on Sunday 16 March) - but painful to run and was quite slow.

W/b 17 March - a couple of short runs (max 5 miles) -as quite uncomfortable - then came  the run for which 'd been hoping to have a faster time -  on Easter Sunday - the North Tyneside 10k.  Weather - cold, blowy but sunny and the scenery is super up the coast.   Not doing badly (though painful in lower back) then disaster at mile 5 when back went into spasm!!  managed a very leisurely 67 mins overall for the 10k, worst time ever .(but even Paula has bad days!!)......but got an excellent goody bag and a good chat with some of the other runners.

Rested and took it easy with no running from 23/3 until 29/3.  Had a lovely swim during the week which really eased the niggles in my lower back.
Did a reasonable 4miles on 29/3 - slow but steady and fairly comfortable.

30/3   Hooray!!!!   10 miles today and not in any pain
So hopefully back to the training - don't mind running slowly just want to keep up the mileage.

Another 10k on Sunday April 6th to look forward to (the Sand Dancer 10k at South Shields).

more soon........and keep on running !!
Susie B

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