The Hills are alive.....

Posted on: 28 Apr 2008

Went to check out some of the Brathay Marathon course at the weekend..... Ummm ! bit challenging, me thinks!   About 8-9 miles of hilly terrain - gulp!  Haven't really done much in the way of hill-running.  
My run/walk strategy looks set to be put into action.   Plus some good 'hill' tunes on my mp3 to keep me going.

[Reminded me of a book I used to read to the children, called 'Bears in the Night' where the bears went around the lake.... between the rocks ..... and up spook hill!]

But.... it does flatten out a bit after that  first part, so I might even be able to get some sort of pace going then

Still haven't run further than 16ish miles - but I'm sure I'll be OK.  Did another reasonable 10 miles on Sunday and longer runs planned over the next 7-10 days.   Oh...and have bought some more fuel gels to try.  I'm a great believer in props...kind of motivating, and makes me feel like a real runner instead of just a plodder.

Susie B

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