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Posted on: 09 Mar 2008

Not doing badly this week.   Yoga on Monday then a couple of runs on Wednesday.  Ran before work (4 miles) then had session with Personal Trainer at the track.  It was a really windy evening and hard to catch my breath, but we did some good interval training and I managed pretty well.  Absolutely tired after though.......
No more running til Saturday when I did 5+ miles, at a fairly steady pace.  
LSR today (Sunday 9/3) - 12 miles in 2h 5m (included 'comfort' stop!).  It was especially good running up the coast from Whitburn to South Shields - sunny; blue skies, a bit breezy but warmish (even had to take a layer off).  But the best bit was the lovely bath when I got home (those Dead Sea Magik bath salts work a treat, so hopefully no aches tomorrow). 
Decided am not fond of 'powerade-type' drinks to take with me - much prefer plain water and glucose tablets, for now. (Jelly beans or jelly babies will be consumed on longer runs!!).

Yoga tomorrow  (10/3) to iron out any 'niggles' from this weekend.

PS - got my place in the Blaydon Race again (hooray) - you have to be hot on the keys to get in these days.  
Plans for the next weekend?   Sports Relief - doing 3 miles - location: end of GNR.
more soon.........

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