This morning I was definite I was stopping running.

Posted on: 12 Apr 2009

I went for my 6-ish mile run (on Seven Hills Road, so a bit uppy-downy). It was AWFUL, for 3 reasons:

  • My glasses kept steaming up, so I couldn't see a sodding thing. They never used to do this, but they're real pains these days.
  • My foot was hurting again after half an hour. A few weeks ago I thought it was a blister, then I thought it was just a callous, and now it seems to be the bone itself hurting. I guess I need to see the doctor about it.Frown
  • My hip started really hurting. No idea why.

So I had to give up and walk home (after 5ish miles), thinking I had to stop running full stop. Then I got bored, and started (nervously) running again. Thankfully, my hip seemed OK (but my glasses and my foot were still huge problems).

I don't think I am giving up, but I really don't know if (or when) I will be able to run again.

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