Rain rain rain rain rain :-(

Posted on: 10 Dec 2008

I know loads of people cope with running in the rain, but my glasses make it a nightmare. And it's raining again today. :-(

I had no time for a run over the weekend, because of my husband's IronMan on Sunday (which he did fine at, and he enjoyed, but has been in a lot of pain since). On Monday we were travelling back. Yesterday I had QTKT with me all day. Today she's in childcare, and so Wednesdays are normally my other running day. But no. Rain rain rain rain.

Then tomorrow I will have the Scrunchmuffin to look after all day, so no run. :-(

Plus I'm getting nowhere with this autobiography I have been writing. I think I've given up. :-(

Not a happy bunny. I really hope it's dry at the weekend, and Rob lets me try and fit a couple of runs in.

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