Good and bad

Posted on: 03 Apr 2009

Good: I had a busy day, then decided in the evening that, stuff it, I would use my visiting mum as a babysitter and go out for a run.

Good: it was my hilly 4.27 mile run to Esher, and I managed a pace of 11.33 min/mile (quite fast for me).

Good: I enjoyed it. Except:

Bad: it wasn't as fast as I ran it last time (a month ago). But it wasn't much slower, and when I first ran it post-accident (September 2006) it took me over an hour (48 min today, so I'm much faster than I was).

Good: I kept thinking 'people might look at me and think I'm running slowly, but if they knew I was 'blind' and disabled, they'd be pretty bloogy impressed! Laughing

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