Well, that race had good bits and bad bit.

Posted on: 05 Apr 2009

The 8.2 mile Kingston Breakfast Run. I had planned the 2-lap 16 miler, then changed to the single lap 8.2 mile thing.

I was doing fine to begin with, but then got DESPERATE to go to the toilet. I jogged uncomfortably for quite a while, and i had to just walk a bit, then I was able to go into Hampton Court station (for whcih I stopped my stopwatch, of course - so I will ignore any time my shoe chip gives me!).

I managed a few sub-11 minute miles, but my total time works out as over 13 minute miles. Embarassed Hmmmmm. I'm very confused now. All my mile splits are well under 12 minute miles (except for the one leading up to the toilet break) were well under 12 minute miles, some under 11. So why does my stopwatch seem to have added them up to 13+ minute miles? Should I take the mile splits that I KNOW matched the times as I passed the mile markers, or should I take my odd total? The chip time will be published soon-ish, but it will include my loo stop. Not sure if I should be proud of myself, or embarrassed.

Edited to add: Hooray! I just realised what was wrong. My break, when I went to the toilet, was in my total time (but looked like the time for the half of that mile after the toilet break, so I thought it was the same). Hence my total gives me 11.4 minute miles (minus the loo-break!). Hooray! SmileSmileSmileSmile

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