Well, I *thought* that was my fastest ever time on that route (again...). Sigh. But :-) too.

Posted on: 23 Apr 2009

I did my 3.2 mile route at work again today, which I really enjoyedSmile, and I thought it was my fastest ever time on that route. But then I realised that, according to my Excel file, I did it last month a minute and a half faster (rolls eyes...). But the two good things are that I really enjoyed it, and that I used to do it (summer 2007) in 45 minutes  (today was 36)Smile.

Looking forward (nervously!) to the half marathon on Sunday. It is supposed to be a day of 'heavy rain showers' Frown (which are a right %$£ for me, as I wear glasses!). I'm going to aim for 2h30, although a) I don't know if I can cope with 13 miles of that, and b) I did it in 2005 (pre-accident!) in 2h28, so maybe it's a tougher course than I expect...

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