Not sure whether this should be a :-) or a :-(

Posted on: 27 Mar 2009

The Smile is for the 4.27 run (up a hill!), that I just did faster than ever before. Smile

The Frown is because I now think I could do the full marathon as fast as they need. But I haven't been training for it. FrownFrown I've had the last four weeks with jet-lag, then colds, and heavy heavy work, so very little running. I was training right in Oz, but I only got up to 11 miles.

Tomorrow I'm going to do 11-ish miles with my friend (who is doing the FLM), and next Sunday I have a 16 mile race. But I think it's too late to think that I can be ready for the full marathon at the end of April. FrownFrownFrown

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