I'm a chicken.

Posted on: 11 Apr 2009

I was planning to run my 4-ish miles up the hill into Esher again, but I was worried about the rain all over my glasses, and the nearby (fast) dual-carriageway. So I chickened out.Embarassed I did a route I've only done once before. That was back in December '07, when it took me 50 minutes (14 minute miles EmbarassedEmbarassed). Today it took me 41 minutes (11.6 minute miles, so Embarassed for that, but remember, this is slow, 'blind', disabled old me, so I give some SmileSmileSmile's for being a lot faster than last time!).

Gosh, running in glasses is a pain. The rain is awful, plus they steam up like mad (and do so for ages after I've stopped running).

Today my husband is cooking us a roast lunch, then some friends are coming round, to do an Easter Egg Hunt. I did the clues last night, and I'll hide them after lunch. The kids will have so much fun. Smile I'm afraid I'm a screaming atheist these days, but the religious festivals have some fun I still enjoy. (Atheism hasn't made me give up presents, trees, and turkey at Christmas, and I don't think it should stop me having chocolate eggs at Easter either. I don't know what any of these things have to do with religion, so I don't see why I should give them up!).


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