I'm a chicken.

Posted on: 04 Apr 2009

I'm only going to race 8.2 miles tomorrow, not the two-lap 16 miles. I'm a chicken! I suspect I'd run too slow, so they wouldn't let me do the second lap. So stuff it, I won't try.

I'm going to aim to go under 11 minutes a mile (which I touched at the last 10k I did, in February - 10.99 min/mile). Will I manage it? Dunno! I raced this route in 2005 (pre-accident) in 1h16, and again in 2006 (post-accident) in 1h41. That blinkin' accident is so irritating! I will aim for 1h30.

My Mom just read out to me from the details that I can only change distance if I go in early tomorrow morning (pre-7am), which will be impossible, seeing as we have 2 small girls who have to come with us. Remember, my husband has to drop me off there, as I am 'blind', and can't drive.


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