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Posted on: 31 Mar 2009


I did my shorter run today at lunchtime at work (2 1/2 miles). In the changing rooms, I realised I had left my mobile phone in the office, and I worry about being out without it (bearing in mind how useful it was that I had it on me when I had my accident in 2005. It meant that my husband could have a very difficult, half-bad french, half-bad-english coversation with the ambulance man, and find out which hospital I wasd being taken to. It would have been worse not knowing where the hell I was. Although it was pretty awful knowing where I was, and how I was...).

I thought it would be a bit 'safer' to go on a different route. And my time was my fastest pace (post-accident, of course!) yet. :-) With the weird exception of a race in November that was so much faster than any later run (or even race), that I am unconvinced the distance was right, TBH (I should also say, short 'sprints' don't count, either!).

It was 10.75 min/mile. Remember, my 9+ minute miles last year got re-calculated when my husband worked out I had the distance wrong.


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