What a fun morning! :-)

Posted on: 26 Apr 2009

It was the Shakespeare Half this morning.

I managed a few sub-11 minute miles, which were going fine, but then at about the 5 or 6 mile point my right foot (which has played me up for a while) started hurting. Amazingly, I noticed (for the first time, after many many painful runs) that if I pressed my toes down, the bit on the edge of my foot behing the front toe hurt a lot less. How come I haven't noticed that before???

I started feeling pretty ropey, and I walked all of mile 11. Just after I'd started running again, I felt I HAD to stop and take a jellybaby from the lovely little girls giving them out. They were the same age as my two, so they needed a grateful recipient, didn't they?

I finished in 2h37. Appallingly bad by 'normal' people's statndards, but considering that I did the same course in 2005 (pre-accident! And none of it was familiar to me at all, but hey, unsurprising, given that I also don't remember moving house a year before, or expecting and having my youngest daughter, 7 months before! So, I can cope with the missing memory of the race.) in 2h29. So, i'm a bit pleased with myself. I think I will hit the Champagne!


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