behind with training - but running faster!!

Posted on: 24 Sep 2007

After the euphoria of the cycling holiday, bit of a setback as full of cold earlier in the week .      So...... abandoned the idea of long run at the weekend, as didn't want to chance getting worse, and just stoking up on mega multi vits and echinacea (good old Holland and Barratt!) to try and get back on even keel .

However, did manage some training  (just 21 miles total).......and was really pleased that the 2 lots of 10ks I ran at the weekend equalled my PB times!!!   Looks like the cycling helped after all

GNR this weekend - and hoping for just over 2 hours (2.16 last year) - will be well chuffed if I can do that.  Good luck to everyone else running this weekend.   

Well done Rob on your 20 miles!  very jealous that you've beaten me to it.  Will have to load up my MP3 with lots of tunes in preparation.

more soon
Susie B x

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