Training, planning and panicking.......

Posted on: 04 Oct 2007

Hi Everyone

Back to schedule after euphoria of GNR last weekend.....and beginning to panic now it's only 4 weeks away

2 short runs (5k and 5miles) so far this week plus back to evening yoga class (really helps stretch you out).  20 miles planned for this weekend though can't decide whether to do two 10 mile circuits or an out and back from home?   Whatever.....will need some good running music, radio and lots of snacks to keep me going!    Will definitely look forward to the aromatherapy bath afterwards (Keith, it DOES work)  

Well done Rob on your GNR time - you'll be on your 8th pint by the time I finish in NYC!!

As for my strategy for the marathon, I think it will have to be run/walk - at least for the second 13 miles.  I'm going to practice that this weekend (my 'Running made Easy' book seems to think it works well.   Just wondering what snacks to take with me - in the official NYC handbook it suggests eating something salty..?Crips? Mini Cheddars?  Ummm... decisions, decisions.    More soon.......Susieb

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