Early Morning at the GNR Finish!

Posted on: 27 Sep 2007

Hi everyone

Did an early morning run today (6 miles starting at 05.30!!!!) - quite spooky running past the GNR finish at South Shields and seeing all the Charity Village tents  looming out of the dark.   Let's hope I feel as relaxed at the end on Sunday

Training picking up again and echinacea and multi vits seem to be working.  

Similar length run planned for tomorrow (but after work rather than before) then rest Saturday and run GNR Sunday - fingers crossed for good time.  Weather looks OK-ish.

Am beginning to get a bit nervous about the task ahead (i.e NYC not GNR).  Have been reading the Official NYC Handbook on the web  and beginning to realise just how many bods there will be milling around at the beginning!

More soon.........

Susie B

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