Last LSR - hurray!!!

Posted on: 14 Oct 2007

Final very long run yesterday  (almost 18 miles) - so can now start to taper.

Tried a different fuel strategy and spend ages choosing bars and gels and jelly babies.... and found some really nice ones.  Isn't sad when you can 'treat' yourself every 5 miles or so.   Few jelly babies..then a bit of Power Bar (vanilla and choc) .. few more jelly babies...etc        Weather was great - cloudy and a little cool and lovely just running along by the coast.

Didn't run out of steam and did the run/walk thing for the second half of the run which suited me and worked well.  Will never be speedy (took me 3 hours to do the run) but happy just to complete. I'm sure it wil be very different running with crowd support from just running on my own.  The GNR really lifts you so the NYC will be  just FANTASTIC!!

Anyway - still injury free (fingers crossed this continues) and ache free after yesterday.... so either I'm not running hard enough or just lucky.

Good luck to all with rest of training/tapering.

More soon....................

Susie B

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