20 miles...not out!!

Posted on: 07 Oct 2007

Finally did the 20 miles LSR yesterday ,,,,,,,Slow  being the very relevant adjective!! Think my legs were still tired from GNR as it took me nearly 4 hours to complete.... but it was very warm yesterday at South Shields (well that's my excuse)

After 10 miles, and listening to Radio 1, new track from Oasis was playing, aptly titled 'Lord don't slow me down'!!!   Well I didn't slow down for a while and tried a new power bar to keep my energy levels up (don't some of them taste disgusting? suggestions for yummy ones gratefully received)     By the time I was running along the coast at South Shields, I could have murdered a Minchellas ice cream but didn't succomb and ambled the last 5 miles.    Ummm ....time to rethink strategy, and maybe take a couple of days rest and just enjoy my yoga on Monday before I pick up the schedule again.  

Anyway - once again, lavendar oil and Dead Sea Magik worked a treat and ache free today (honest, I'm not on commission, but will be bringing same remedies to NYC).   Should I risk another 20 or will that be tempting fate?

Muppet - get well soon!!     Shona - well done on yr 20m.
Martin -  brilliant running..so jealous! I'll try and visualise myself  running faster - do you think it will work?

And to everyone else training for NYC - just keep going

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