Back on it!

Posted on: 26 May 2010

I am a very happy lady!! Ok, so it wasn't the longest run in the world, but I am back in the saddle so to speak!

I ran along the seafront for 35 minutes last night, and it felt awesome...bought these nifty new socks, which stop you getting blisters, and I have to say that my feet were really comfortable. Only time will tell how effective they are, but so far so good!

Also bought some of those shiny, lycra-like three-quarter length short things...not the most attractive sight for anyone viewing me from behind, but they were so much cooler than the joggers & thick three-quarter lengths I wore last summer. I'm just waiting for my new trainers to arrive, and I will be kitted out! Was very impressed by the knowledge of the lad in the sports shop, I didn't know there was so much science to trainers!! I'm so glad I walked out of the discount sports shop, where I was wondering round with one shoe trying desperately to find an assistant to let me try a pair! Will def go to the proper sports shop again, really felt that the shoe I finally chose is just right for my feet, for the way my feet roll in, my wide feet etc...hopefully won't suffer with the same injuries as last year as only a couple of months til half-marathon in Oct! ;-)

Anyways, I'm rambling on, hope you are all enjoying the warmer weather & will be reading your posts to see what races you all have coming up and how you're getting on with the training - I always get so inspired reading everyone elses posts, makes me want to run straight out the door (very appealing, esp being at work ;-) )

Next run scheduled for Thursday, will keep ya posted :-)


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