strategic packing....

Posted on: 24 Oct 2007

Hi All
Not long now!  tapered seriously last week - both running and blogging- so catching up now!
Only managed a couple of short runs plus a decent 13-miler last week - but feeling confident (!?*).  Short runs from now on, plus eating well and  drinking milk, popping Echinacea and mega multi vits to keep ahead of  all the students with 'freshers germs' ( I work at University-(Newcastle) ).  Work is so busy - won't get thro' it all before I leave - eek .

More worried about all the 'vaseline' comments - I've never needed it - am I lucky? doing something wrong/right?  will take some anyway - as a good luck charm.   Got my bars and gels and hope I get thro' customs as only taking carry on luggage, so packing strategically and very light.   This is partly cos I'm changing airlines (BA then Virgin) and don't want to lose sight of my precious luggage.  Will probably have to wear a lot as they don't weigh people, just the luggage !  So if you spot Mitchelin woman - it's me!  It's also so I can do some serious shopping after the run.   Only other things to get are 'good luck 'purple earrings to match my GOSHCC running vest!  Plus have ordered my Union Jack bandanas to wear plus instant UJ tatoos - flying the flag and all that!

Would be good to catch up with other bloggers - I'm there from Thursday night (Crowne Plaza Hotel).

More soon!   Susie B

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