anyone else having trouble training in the snow!

Posted on: 03 Dec 2010

Hi guys,

Whilst the snow is very pretty, it's a pest when it comes to training!

Luckily, I did an 8 miler on Tuesday, when the roads were ice-free...I couldn't do my 10 miler at the weekend because of the snow tho, which i was gutted about :-(

The problem with my gym is that it's at the top of a hill, and a precarious drive away from my house...

No problem though, I will run when I can and bring my gym stuff to work with me, so that I can do a treadmill run at the gym on the way home if need'll just mean a cold walk home afterwards if i've had to walk in! :-)

They say in the magazines i've been reading that January is the hardest training-wise...I'm determined not to let the snow get in the way of me getting where i need to be mileage-wise in readiness for january...

Not long til the big day! It's something like 18 weeks, and my runs need to taper down about 3 weeks before the day, so that means it's like 15 weeks to get two 20-milers under my belt! Must say, i'm very excited, love a challenge!!


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