Excited? Absolutely:o) Scared? Me? Well ,ust a bit!

Posted on: 30 Oct 2007

Hiya Everyone
Well, I've been through every emotion this week.... scared, excited, scared, nervous, excited and ...panic!  Have I done enough?  will all the training (!) have paid off?  Have I got my power bars?

I think I AM ready now.    Only thing I'm worrying about is getting to the Start!  but I guess I'll just follow the others who are out for a wee Sunday jog.... and am  still wondering what to do with the Vaseline (all suggestions on a postcard)... but am bringing it anyway.

Am flying out Thursday from Heathrow on Virgin Atlantic VS45 14.00 - is anyone else on this?   Staying at Crowne Plaza Hotel 1605 Broadway (between 48th & 49th).  It's got an INDOOR POOL! !   So if anyone wants a swim (Rob?) .....   to relieve those aching legs, let me know.

Am in Green Corral nbr 33918 - and have got all my Union Jack stuff  - tattoos (wash off), bandanas, etc and name printed on GOSH running vest.
See you soon - and GOOD LUCK and ENJOY!

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