4hrs 54m 21secs - so thrilled with that!

Posted on: 11 Nov 2007

Hi Everyone,
Enjoyed reading everyone's posts re NYC and now here are my - brief- notes.
LOVED IT!  All of it  - from arriving, doing the reccy run on Friday, the International Friendship on Saturday - so many different people to talk to and with one common purpose - to complete the marathon and enjoy it.

I did complete and thoroughly enjoyed it! so thrilled to be under 5 hours.  Many thanks to my running mate for most of the way - Shona - such an inspiration.  We had a routine - jelly babies on the half hour and gels on the hour ( how I hated those.... couldn't wait for some chips later! ... but they do work).   Just couldn't keep pace after 23 miles - she was on a high!   But I ran every mile for someone - had their names on my pace band, so I couldn't let them down - it really kept me focused.

I did use some Vaseline - (just to say I had.)  But pleased to report  no blisters or chafing and  practically ache free on Monday 5/11 - see, those Magik bath salts really DO work :o) - oh, and the Yoga and swiming helped too.

It was great to meet up after and that Guiness really hit the spot.

Would love to run NY again - but in a while - want to keep the memory special.    So have signed up for a UK 'wee jog' instead - the Brathay Windermere Marathon next  May (oh, and still waiting to hear re London ballot)

Best of luck to everyone - who knows, we may blog again


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