Should I be embarassed to run?

Posted on: 03 Feb 2008

Today I went for a long run (15+ miles - eek!). My legs hurt now. The time (14 minutes a mile) was faster than my recent long runs. But it's slower than the 8.2 Kingston race I did in 2006. Why? I know I'm slower than I was before my accident (OK, I'm 'disabled' now, fair enough...) but I don't know why I'm slower than 2006 too. I have signed up for the 26.2 Valentines 10k next weekend, but I'm rather worried I'll be the last one, by a long way. But when other runners overtake me, I want to shout: "Yeah, OK, I know I'm slow, but I'm impressed I can run at all. I'm disabled and blind, you know! I'm doing really well to be out of a wheelchair, so who cares if I run slowly?".

Uncle Frank has sponsored me, so my sponsorship is going up! I WILL get to the £1400 I need!

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