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Posted on: 27 Mar 2008

Woo. I just ran the 7 Hills Road (6.5 miles) the fastest by far I have done it yet

It was still over 12 min/mile, but it was so much better than normal for that route Add that together with how much faster I've been just lately, and I'm so impressed with myself. I'm so lucky

OK, I'm lucky just to still be alive after the accident in 2005, but also to live such a good life, with such a good family, and to still be improving . OK, it's my running I'm gloating about today, but I think other parts of my life are improving too. I think my eyesight is getting better (although, I confess, being 'blind' does help with my TV licence, my train fares, and my tax ), and my balance is certainly getting a bit better.

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