Time for a Catch Up

Posted on: 05 Jan 2015

Firstly a Happy New Year to all of you lovely people out there, I hope you're keeping well. Secondly an apology for being such a crap blogger but my exploits never seem as interesting or exciting as all the runs you buzzers are smashing out.

So what have I been up to. Well I have tried a couple of trail type runs can't say that I'm totally bitten by the bug but I did enjoy them. I ran 2 very small parts of the South West coast path. Both times I ran from home out throught the lanes and covered about 3 miles in either direction before heading for home both runs were about 9 miles in total. Lessons learned include don't try trails in normal trainers, think todd cartey rather than torviil and dean, allow a lot more time, yes its good to walk if only for the views and nothing to do with the inclines, and don't try to sneak in the front door upon returning.

I also had 3 weeks away from running from the end of November until the middle of December. Two fold really things were really busy with work, wifes work and running round with the kids who both seemed to be in 2 places at once on opposite sides of town. But I've also had a niggling knee pain for quite some time. Nothing to uncomfortable but just not right so I'd thought I'd rest it get a bit of physio and make sure I'm not doing anything to cause longer lasting damage. Turns out that I've got an angry ligament on the knee cap. No lasting damage no more physio just some basic dynamic stretches and time. Its definately better but its going to take a while to be back to 'normal'.

So what 's happening now. Well I started training for a late spring marathon not sure which one as yet but I've agreed to train with the same group of friends I trained with for last years vlm. There are 3 ladies with gfa places 2 daves with ballot places and John and myself who are just there for the fun !!! Mind you after our first long run on Sat I'm already regretting the decision, definately carrying the heavier version of my comfort blanket. Simple out and back route along the old railway line. First 10 miles were tough last 3.1 were just bloody horrible and I could have stopped so many times and so many times I thought of the heros on here just enough to keep on going. So first half of the year in 1h 47 min @8.05's. Had a nice recovery run earlier this evening and no ill effects from Saturdays run.

And yes I did manage to go and enter myself for Snowdon so looking forward to it already. We've certainly got enough hills around here juat got to get my sorry backside up them and stop avoiding the inevitable.

Best of luck with all those plans sat safe out there but the evenings are getting lighter Yesssss.

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