Post Snowdon

Posted on: 16 Nov 2015


Apologies, this post should have been written a couple of weeks ago, but after loosing it once and doing very little since Snowdon, the motivation has been somewhat missing. Time to play catch up once again.


I must to admit to feeling slightly fragile on the Sunday morning following the previous night’s excesses. But no problem a brisk walk up Snowdon would soon clear the senses. Now I won’t go into any great detail about the whole adventure because to be quite honest I just couldn’t do the whole experience justice and the more informed and eloquent of our small group have already publish their own experiences. In brief would I have done it if I’d known how tough it was going to be in a word NO.? Am I glad I did it most definitely, would I do it again absolutely? The views from that first ridge were simply breath taking and one I feel so privileged to have experienced. Unfortunately the worst of the weather hit which just made the final push to the summit of Snowdon a real battle made all the worse by the calves screaming for mercy. The return journey was somewhat different, going downhill on marathon legs is always going to be uncomfortable and I couldn’t believe how busy it was, many have climbed Snowdon but not many would have experienced those views. So thank you Libby, David, Gaelle and Mick for getting me to the top and back down again. To the men of the mountain (HD and Rob) thanks for letting me join you on your adventure and the lasting memory the sight of you two descending that last slope both in obvious discomfort, both beaming from ear to ear, job well and truly done. A special thanks to Jim without your unselfishness I wouldn’t have been able to do it, for you to graciously hang round for the best part of the day just to give me lift south speaks volumes what a gentleman.


Running wise things haven’t been going to plan I’m another one who’s been benched for the last few weeks. I went to the running club on the Thursday after Snowdon, 2 miles into a 3 mile recovery run and I felt a short sharp pain in the back of my right knee which went straight into the top of my right calf which stopped me in my tracks whilst not to painful I had to walk back to the club. I didn’t much of it I thought it was a case of fatigue after the weekends exploits. A couple of days of pills and icing and it felt fine again. I decide to leave it until the Wednesday to try again and again it felt fine to start with until I had the same problem yet again. I couldn’t believe it totally pee’d off. Finally spoke to the physio at the start of last week. Apparently I have torn some micro fibres at the top of the muscle; she reckons that by walking up the hill followed by the steep downhill descent would have caused the damage. So I’m now back to heel raises, using the roller and plenty of icing. But I am allowed to run from a mile to a mile and a half so frustrating just as I’m warming up I’m have to stop, still got to stick with it for a couple of weeks and see were we are then.


In the meantime I’m taking my frustrations out both on the bike, which is far from ideal with the weather at the moment and those shorter days, and the poor old dog’s never had so many long walks I swear she’s lost weight and her legs do seem shorter.


Take care, out there and good luck with all those cunning plans for next year.

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