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Posted on: 19 Apr 2015

What another belter of a weekend another truely astonishing effort by team real buzz, the runners are of course the most important and rightly so, but what the last couple of weeks have gone to prove what a fantastic support network you lot are and please long may it continue to London and beyond.

Since our holiday to Florida which just absolutely brilliant I wont spoil you with all the details but I did question my sanity on more than one occasion as i was thrown upside down in side out for the umpteenth time. Did manage to run 4 times. Four miles each time lovely to be out the door by 7.30 to run in shorts and vest in the mid to high 70's. The only trouble was the roads were so flat and so straight even these short runs just seemed endless.

Since we've been back I've stepped in the help with the coaching of my lads under 13 rugby team. I'm really enjoying it but it does start taking up a lot of time. We've been down to deepest darkest Cornwall to  play their county team. Whilst we didn't win the games the boys won a lot respect and a lot of praise and i was proud just to be involved in a very smaal way.

Running wise things seem to be progressing all be it rather too slowly for my liking. Last Saturday managed to run a solo half for the first time in many a moon. First 10/11 miles weren't too bad 8 min average but the last 2 miles home were brutal up hill hard hard. But they got done no style no Kenyan finish just a good tough day at the office. Tuesday and a hills session so had to go back to the hill that so nearly beat me on Saturday and manage to run the steepest part 10 times. Thursday I manage to get to the running club for the first time in a month 6.5 miles at 7.50 pace  Friday was a run home from work again another hilly one but was so pleased to run back to back days without any adverse effect on the achillies another 8 miles done at 8.10 pace.

Day off from any form of exercise yesterday as we had a boys day out. Up to Neton Abbott on the train to the South West real ale festival. Lots of werid and wonderful brews some far better than others. Probably pay for it later in the week. 

Thats me up to date. Keep on smashing out those miles and keep enjoying it.





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