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Posted on: 25 May 2015

Thought it was about time for a bit of an update thanks for the kick up the back side Nick. Truth is I feel a bit of a fraud everybody is out doing amazing things running/walking huge distances week in and week out and taking on and completly smashing some amazing challenges.

Just as things were starting to get a bit easier running wise i managed to pick up another frustrating niggle. Last sunday i was just finishing my weekly long run of about 11 miles, first 10 were ok @ 8 min mile pace, anything over 10 miles and the wheels start to come off, and i seemed to tweak something in the back of my left knee. This seemed to be made worse by the fact i spent nearly 8 hours in the car on Monday ( Portsmouth and back). So decided to rest it running wise last week and get out on the bike. Fitted in 3 commutes and a slightly longer ride on Saturday. Headed out into the country tough out leg but had a real blast back ideal conditions for a change dry with a light breeze. Got home with 25 miles done now I knew that none of you would have left it like that so with a little bit of a twizzle added on I managed to get to the magical 26.2 miles. I did enjoy it but the rear is certainly make it known that it hasn't been use to the bike for a while. As it was such a nice evening I decided to see if the last niggle had settled done. One 4.5 mile loop later and it seemed ok,the real test will be first thing in the morning.

And in other news I've entered the HU5K. Fate sees me in Bristol and Bath on the Thursday and Friday of that week visiting Universities with my daughter. So as I'm so close and after speaking to Mr Chairman i'm heading for the shire. I also seem to be spending a lot of time in the car with said daughter who is learning to drive which is quite n experience but she's comeon on in leaps and bounds. My youngest as just turned into a teenager which promises to be fun !!!!! Oh and finally we've got a new addition to the family. Along story short but we've taken on Saffie a 5 year old Cocker Spaniel. We've talked about getting a dog for the last year but we weren't sure if we could take on a puppy. But out of the blue a friends mum who is having to spend more and more time out of the country, and decide it wasn't fair on the dog to keep putting her in kennels, if we would be prepared to take her on. We've had her just over a couple of weeks now and she is brilliant and settled in really well.

Keep being amazing out there and keep buzzing 

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