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Posted on: 16 Sep 2015

Anyone out there ever received some random running advice from a complete stranger whilst you've been out running. I was out on Wednesday evening and about 8 miles into my run and was just running up around the front of Plymouth Hoe when a lady in her mid 50's pulled up alongside me in her car. Me being the perfect gentleman asked her if I could help her, thinking she was after some directions. She replied that she was going to give me some advice,

Me, Oh right,

Her, You need to give up running right now,

Me, (who'd started running again) Ok why's that,

Her, It'll ruin your life just as it did mine, I've had 2 hip and a knee replacemen, it ruined my career in the Navy and I'm in constant pain with it all.

Me, (a bit lost for words and not really knowing what was coming next) Oh I'm sorry, as she roars off is her 4 x 4 gas guzzler. Takes all sorts I suppose.

Didn't really take to much notice of her advice mind. Ran a staedy 5 miles with John and Dave on Thursday night before they set off for their Iron Man challenge which they both completed in 15 hrs 20 mins. Amazing. Now both these guys regularly run sub 3 hrs 30 mins their time for their marathon on Sunday was 4hrs 45 mins. I'm out for a beer with them tonight to get all the gruesome details.

Now on Sunday and with my mysterious ladies advice ringing in my ears I went out and ran another 20 miler, 2 in 2 weeks for me. Up and down the old infamous railway track. 10 miles up stop turn around and run back. Simples. It should be but the last 2 miles are up hill and just seem to go on for ever. Pace slowed right down but they got done. Must admit to feeling pretty pants when I got in but a Mars and a chocolate milk shake soon sorted me out. A quick stretch and the joys of a ice bath. All this was after the boys rugby team started the season with a 'W' the score flattered them a bit but they did play some great stuff in patches. 

Right thats it from me just off to put the daps on E-bay if anyone is interested.

Take it easy out there and stay safe.

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