Just ticking over

Posted on: 09 Nov 2014

Hope you are all well out there and continuing to keep racking up all those miles wether its on the road or on those ever popular trails.

Thought it was about time for a quick update. With no race planned until well into the new year I've cut the training milage back but still tried to keep a bit of pace in the runs. At the moment I'm running on a monday, thursday with the club and a longer run on a saturday. I've also started to rid the bike to work again generally when the weather is favourable and I'm not planning to run. With the runs I trying to get them under 8 minute mile for the shorter runs and at 8 minute miles for the longer ones.

Had one of those good runs yesterday you know the ones you may have 3 or 4 crappy runs mixed in with 3 or 4 normal runs  to get one good one. Ran with the Garmin but only checked the mile splits and regardless of what they said ran by how I was feeling. The route wasn't anything special. Nice 9 miles that came in at 7:45 pace. But what pleased me most was that I managed to climb just over 700 feet.

Which leads me to Snowdon. After all the sheer brilliance of this years efforts not only on the run but also on the whole weekend it real hit home as to something that I really want to be apart of next year. I've got the ok from the other half just need to get everything else in place. As i've got a journey of well over 300 miles to get to Snowdon and dont fancy the idea of doing it in one day the currnet thought is to leave on the Thurs and stop half wayish then to have a easy drive up on the friday. Probably have to do the return run in one go that'll be fun!!!!

Stay safe out there people and keep enjoying


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