football glory beckoning?

Posted on: 08 Feb 2008

I said it would be a busy week this week with everything to fit in and boy was I right. Still two days of it to go too. I had my rest on tuesday from running but ended up delivering hundreds of telephone books for some extrs cash. My legs wernt very happy.

Wednesday, well more phone books on what was meant to be a very gentle day as in the evening I had a football cup semi final to play in my local league. Thankfully we won 3 nil, but not before a very hard fought battle. And the pitch was quite hard and daft lad here only brought his metal studs so my feet were really sore by the end. But I didnt let on to the younger lads (being the old man of the team now). The final is only 2 weeks before the FLM !!!!!! Hmmmmm

Thursday I fully intended to run but legs wernt having any of it after the footy and my feet were still sore, so just work instead. Yes I know , my running has taken a real battering this week so I am going to repeat this weeks program next week instead to make up for it. Hopefully!

As well as that I still need some new running shoes, book my hotel in London and get plenty more rest and sleep.

At least today i managed to get out and run. Lovely calm conditions for it this evening (see, I cant be a complete slacker cos I am out training on a Friday nite instead of drinking). Intended to do  a amiliar 9 mile circuit but my legs felt heavy and weak so I cut it down to 5 or 6. Will have to measure it in the morning. Tomorrow probably see what my leg are like and then Sunday it says upto 24 miles but football is calling again so I will wait and see.

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