Bad bad Birdy

Posted on: 07 Apr 2009

Sorry I have been a terrible blogger again. Life has been a bit up and down over the last few weeks. The up side was definitely a week in the lake district which having looked like it could be a bit of a hideous break was rescued by my friends – we had a wonderful time…wonderful weather and did lots of amazing walking. I took part in the Coniston 14 for a second time. It’s a great race and I really enjoyed it again though the marathon training in the build up left me feeling pretty dead legged during the event itself.

Devon seems an age ago now but I think I can say the training has been going OK. I’ve fallen off the wagon a bit with the midweek runs having almost run myself into the ground afew weeks back. The focus in the last few weeks is on getting quality long runs in at the weekends. This is also going OK – I’ve got two 3.30+ runs under my belt with one more planned for a couple of weeks time. Then its time to taper which will be a bit of a relief. Exmoor marathon is on 9th May. I’m really not sure at this point how its going to go as I’m really not sure what to expect other than a very very tough day out! Still I hear the views are good!


The 2009 MdSers are now back…well bits of them from what I’m hearing. The race was disrupted due to rainfall of all things and after a delayed start the mileage was made up in a super super Longest Day stage. Huge congrats to all who attempted and completed it.


After all that talk of focussed training I’m off away again on Thursday. This time over to Spain to visit my Brother and his family. Hoping that its nice and warm and sunny out there – I might even get the trainers on at some point!!

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