'Gammyness' Report

Posted on: 09 Apr 2010

Hello my lovely tapering marathon family! Thought I would just give you a quick insight into the level of 'gammyness' (not, technically, a word I know but...) my right leg has now taken on. The reaction to the phyio tape is really, um, how can I put this - 'SEVERE. Leg is huge and is now swollen pretty much from ankle to knee - if I was a horse, we would term it 'elephantitus' which obviously is as attractive as it sounds! The inflammation took a whole new turn yesterday when is began to split and therefore weep, and so I now have hydrocolloid plaster stuck all over it in an attempt to, well, basically, stop my leg falling off.

Managed a 4m run on Tuesday but nothing since as its not worth the pain at the minute. Swelling has subsided a little this morning so all I can do is sit it out really - who am I kidding, I had a damn good cry out of sheer frustration at the loss of my last chance to get mileage in last night but I did feel a bit better for it! Fingers crossed for at least some kind of weekend jaunt, if only on the bike!

Hope everyone else is enjoying this lovely balmy weather!

Happy Taper Trails!


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