Well, its hasn't been six months this time....

Posted on: 16 Jan 2012

...but it has been six weeks. I guess thats marginally better!

Just a little catch up really as to some plans for 2012, which will be my 'Olympic' year, I hope anyway. My main goal for 2012 is the Olympic Distance Triathlon known as the Dambuster, at Rutland Water on June 16th - I am very excited and terrified all at the same time. Already the fear about getting back in the lake is building and it will be at least 12 weeks yet before I even get near a lake!

Just trying to firm a few other plans up along the way in the form of some Sprint Tri's, and I think I have just about convinced myself to do the Sport Relief Mile swim, as I think this will really help my confidence and keep the swimming going ahead of Dambuster.

We have some great new sessions at Cov Tri this year, including an additional swim on a Wednesday evening which should really help, and I am also going to Tri Camp at the end of March - the agenda for the three days looks, well, brutual to be honest or as some people put it, its going to be a complete 'Beasting'!

We (Cov Tri) are also, hopefully, running Coventry's first Sprint Triathlon in June, so thats a really exciting project to be helping with alongside my secretarial duties and press bits and pieces for the club. So, you could say I am keeping busy - oh, and I am hopefully moving to our new house if all goes well with the exchange in a couple of weeks.

I see everyone else has some fantastic plans for 2012 too so I think we are all going to have a very busy, but fab year!

Happy Training!


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