PB Whoop Whoop!

Posted on: 08 Jun 2010

Well finally, I have achieved what I feel is a decent PB for me, with my 57minute 10k on Sunday - and there were hills and it is was blinkin hot this year!

I was concerned that I hadn't really been getting as much running in as I would have liked for the Two Castles, and was feeling a little glum as this was the first time I have ever been 'fit' for it. Its a very popular race locally, and quite stiff with the old hills and I have always run all the way but I didn't want another year where I spent the next fortnight convincing myself I was happy with my lot. My previous best for the Two Castles was 1hr 7m and my best 10k back when I first started marathon training was 1hr 02m.

So, I have been trying for consistent 9m miling in the training, and it was almost there but I wasn't sure I could sustain it, especially with the hills. I also promised myself there would be 'over cautious' running, as usually I hold back in case I run out of steam but with the chip mats ringing in my ears I found myself in a new place this year, as I ran out of Warwick Castle with no doubt in my mind that I was going sub 1hr.

The promised rain did not materialise and it was so humid! The sweat was literally pouring of me, and everyone around me, within minutes. First mile 8.58, which was a bit fast but felt great, next one was nigh on 9m and then the middle section was 9.37 as the gravity took over for a bit but I knew once I got into Kenilworth I just had to keep the rhythm, stop looking at the time and run.

Came across a few people from running club towards the end and the competitive element definately took over and the race was on. I have to say I was absiolutely knacked as I sprinted for that finish, and gasping like a giant goldfish but the elation to see 56.59 on my Garmin dispelled all of that, and  for the first time since the marathon I rembered why I love running! I can't remember all the splits but the average was 9.03mm, which will do nicely...

Happy Trails



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