A little bit of First Aid....

Posted on: 20 Jan 2010

is what I needed in my lunch hour yesterday. Thankfully the injury was not running related, but cutting the top off my finger of whilst opening a can of tuna was still not ideal. I am not usually so wussy, but there was a lot of blood, very quickly, and as we have a First Aider I took the opportunity to let someone else deal with it while I felt a bit faint.

Anyway depite this act of stupidity I went for a run with the Leamington Spa Womens Running Network group last night, and I have to say it was most enjoyable. Did just over 5 miles in the end in under an hour (forgot my Garmin). The planned route was 4.5 but a couple of us did an extra bit on the end as we were feeling good.  We did also did Indian File whilst out which we also do at BMF - where you run in a line and then the person at the back sprints to front and then the next person etc, so you get some interval work. I really enjoyed running with people for a change and a couple of them are also entered for the Kilomarathon as well, so hopefully I may now have some company on the way round at that too!

I was actually only on for 3m last night so the 5m was a bonus and means I only have to get 3m done tonight. Have a meeting in London and scary posh dinner tomorrow so will probably not get running done before I go, but will try and get 3m in on Friday before my first ever 10m effort on Saturday.

Hope no one is too wet / snowy. Happy Training!


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